Photo: Sam Samra

It’s been a long, long time coming, nevertheless, welcome to my first blog post on my official website.

My original plan had been to write feature length scripts years back but changing life circumstances meant, the flow of writing certainly didn’t run smooth!

I was 28, sitting in my legal office looking out the window at the regular view, a local church. On that particular day a funeral was taking place, not sure why but when I saw the coffin leave I felt a strong urge to leave my current job. Much as I loved the legal world, I simply had no desire to qualify as a fee earner and work in an office for the next 30+ years. There was more to life that the repetition of meeting clients, attending court and earning 2.5 times my salary in fees.

I knew I wanted to be creative but had no idea how to pursue this. The legal firm I worked for sponsored me to attend college one day a week to complete my legal exams. Instead, deviantly I signed up for A levels in Film and Theatre Studies. Before the time came to explain. I’d hit the road jack! 

I still lived at home and having completed the first year of Film and Theatre Studies exams, informed my parents that I was leaving the legal profession to pursue a different path. My father, a working class man who had emigrated from India to England in 1952 was supportive yet spoke the plain truth, he was not from a creative world and therefore could not advise with the path I seeked. My mother was dramatic and thought I was making the biggest mistake of my life, suffice to say she was satisfied when I married in 2009 and became a mother in 2014!

The next 6 years were productive. Whilst holding down employment in various sectors, I completed my Film and Theatre Studies A levels, Acting Solo Silver and Gold Medals with The London Academy of Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and the Shakespeare Bronze Certificate with The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Although I worked to clear debts and pay for creative courses, no particular career choice kept me grounded. I was stuck between, “Fuck this job” and “I need money for my shit.” As all those around me progressed with promotions, I often struggled with the unstructured path my life was taking but, still knew deep down it was the right choice.

Knowing I had a desire to be creative yet lacking inner confidence meant I made decisions that ultimately resulted in mistakes. Finances suffered and the ugly side of the industry surfaced. For many years I carried that burden however, I now realise the path I’d taken was absolutely as fate intended for I had accumulated a wealth of material and felt a spectrum of emotions, empathy being the clear winner.

Setting aside all of the above, my delay in writing the last 3 years has been due to one factor and one factor alone, chronic pain. This is an area I’ll write about often because prior to experiencing what can only be described as Apocalypse Now, I was a non believer. I’m keen to share what chronic pain did to my marriage, my ability to mother, and generally survive day by day without pressing the self destruct button.

6 weeks ago I was very lucky to have finally landed my perfect day job, as a paralegal (back in the game after 15 years!) in the clinical negligence department of a large local legal firm that has recently relocated to new offices down the road from home! Not only do I thoroughly enjoy this area of law, I’m keen to learn so much more. As a bonus the role has relieved financial worries we’ve had the last 3 years. Saying that, it’s unfortunate that I’m currently on the second week of sick leave with a vicious virus that is trying to annihilate me!

Now that life is somewhat stable, I’ve come to accept that despite all of the above delays, now is my time to write.

My scripts will be constructed from spontaneous notes I’ve been making for the last 30+ years with storytelling being the key. I’ll enjoy creating a masala of characters based upon those heroes and villains that have crossed my path, based in settings that have been ingrained in my head, finally becoming tangible via the process of scriptwriting.

Alongside writing scripts, my blogs will cover snippets of life growing up as a first generation British Indian Sikh intermingled with life as it is now.

Does it matter I’m late to the writing game? Nope. All I had to do was trust the timing of MY life!